Tartare of Ahi Tuna Recipe

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2tbls. Remove all skins
Chop finely 

2 Pears (peeled)
Dice into small pieces
Toss in water with a little lime juice mixed in

Serrano Pepper:
4 Peppers cut in half and clean out seeds
Cut into brunoise (finely diced) 

Pine Nuts:
½ cup Toast in a convection oven until golden brown at 350°
Shake pan occasionally to insure even browning
Cook approximately 25 minutes 

Quail Eggs:
6 EGGS Separate yokes and whites
Save yokes only (preferably in half of the shell)

2lbs Ahi Tuna (Sushi Grade)
Dice the tuna into small pieces, Make sure that no sinew is present 

Sesame Oil:
Heat slightly add pepper scraps and let steep for an hour 

1 cup Chiffonade leaves 

1-2 teaspoons of the following;
White pepper
Chili flakes or powder 

The appropriate plates must be held in a cooler to insure that the tuna is served cold.

Service :
  1. Place toast in toaster.
  2. Using a cold plate, place a pile of pine nuts at 3 o’clock, approximately the size of a half dollar.
  3. Place pears at 9 o’clock, approximately the size of a half dollar.
  4. Place Serrano peppers at 11 o’clock, approximately the size of a dime.
  5. Place garlic at 1 o’clock, approximately the size of ½ of a dime.
  6. Oil a 2” cutter/mold with sesame oil and place in center of the plate.
  7. Fill tightly with tuna. Make a hole (or indentation) in center of the mold, about ¼ of way down.
  8. Remove mold.
  9. Place quail egg yoke into the indentation of the tuna.
  10. Season entire plate heavily by sprinkling salt, white pepper, chili flakes/powder and mint over tuna, egg yoke and condiments.
  11. Make lines of sesame oil, criss-crossing the plate or by making a spiral.
  12. When toast is done, remove the crust and cut on the diagonal.
  13. Place on the plate, with the long end tips of 4 toast triangles spiraling along the rim of the plate from 4-8 o’clock.
  14. Serve immediately.